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Suspender Bodystocking Styles

Suspender bodystockings are a very popular style of bodystocking. Yet, did you know there are five variations of this style of bodystocking that we stock? If not, then read on to find out what the subtle differences are between these styles.

Suspender Bodystocking

Suspender Bodystockings

Anybody looking for a suspender style bodystocking is most likely to select the Suspender Bodystockings category first. After all, the name says it all and the suspender bodystocking features, as you'd expect, a suspender style. This means that while it is still a 'one piece' bodystocking, it has a 'cut out' in the region of the suspender. It is further identified by the thick straps that join the legs to the body of the bodystocking. This is a unique design element of the suspender bodystocking and differentiates it from the other suspender styles discussed below.

Suspender Bodystocking Feature
Cami Suspender Bodystocking Feature

Cami Suspender Bodystockings

The Cami Suspender Bodystocking is very similar to the Suspender Bodystocking. It also feaures a cut out in the region of the suspender. However, the thin straps that join the legs to the body identifies it as a slightly different style to the Suspender Bodystocking.

Cami Suspender Bodystocking Feature
Cami Suspender Bodystocking

Teddy Suspender Bodystockings

The Teddy Suspender Bodystocking is a style that features a bodysuit as the body part of the bodystocking, and then, again, is joined to the legs by straps. The straps can be of varying thickness. It is very similar to the two styles already described, but if you look closely at a Teddy Suspender Bodystocking to will see the bodysuit element of it to be a prominent component of the style.

Teddy Suspender Bodystocking
Teddy Suspender Bodystocking Feature

Tank Top Bodystockings

The Tank Top Bodystocking is yet another variation on the suspender bodystocking style. In this design, the body part of the bodystocking is shaped like a tank top. This top is joined to the legs using the familiar suspender strap style built into the bodystocking. It is probably the most skimpy of these styles because of the minimilist design of the body part of the bodystocking.

Tank Top Bodystocking
Tank Top Bodystocking Feature

Garter Dress Bodystockings

Finally, If you are looking for a suspernder bodystocking with a bit more identity, then the Garter Dress Bodystocking maybe just what you are looking for. The body of this style is shaped like a mini dress. This style comes in many variations, including lace and fishnet, but the one common design feature in all of them, is that the bottom of the body is shaped like a tight dress. This feature differentiates this style from all the aforementioned suspender bodystocking designs.

Garter Dress Bodystocking
Garter Dress Bodystocking Feature
Garter Dress Bodystocking Feature

And so there we have it. There can often be very little difference between some of the styles in the different bodystocking categories just reviewed. However, on close examination you can usually work out which of the five categories any of these styles of bodystocking are likely to belong to.