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Fishnet Bodystocking Styles

There are a number of bodystocking styles that can be grouped in the fishnet category. Some of these styles are less commonly known about, or even seen in most stores. Read on to see what the differences are between these styles and what we have to offer.

Fishnet Bodystockings

Fishnet bodystockings are a classic style. You will rarely visit a lingerie site that does not have a selection of Fishnet Bodystockings on view. They are identified by having small, open diamond shapes in the bodystocking.

It is one of the most popular and appealing bodystocking styles on offer. The fishnet style has also been popular in hosiery for years, and so anybody looking for their first bodystocking is going to probably consider this style.

Fishnet Bodystocking
Fishnet Bodystocking Feature
Fence Net Bodystocking Feature
Fence Net Bodystocking

Fence Net Bodystockings

The more rarely seen Fence Net Bodystocking is very like the Fishnet Bodystocking, except that the open diamond shapes in the bodystocking are much larger, but can vary in size.

It is an equally appealing style, though not as popular or as available from lingerie suppliers. We always do our best to ensure we have a small selection of Fence Net Bodystockings on offer.

Pothole Bodystockings

The Pothole Bodystocking is very similar in design to the Fence Net bodystocking in that the style features what can be described as large holes. The difference is, these are usually varied in size throughout the bodystocking and do not have to conform to the diamond shape.

The designs of pothole bodystockings tend to vary from bodystocking to bodystocking.

Pothole Bodystocking
Pothole Bodystocking Feature
Stringy Net Bodystocking Feature Stringy Net Bodystocking Feature

Stringy Net Bodystockings

The Stringy Net Bodystocking is not as easy to define as the Fishnet and Fence Net bodystocking styles. They have a net design made in the shape of strings, but the style is not clearly defined and is more haphazard and unsymmetrical in its apperance.

For this reason, a set of Stringy Net Bodystockings may look totally different to one another depending on how the net design has been crafted.

Stringy Net Bodystocking

Micro Mesh Bodystockings

The Micro Mesh Bodystocking is a cross between the opaque and fishnet styles. The bodystocking is constructed from a finely woven fabric that has an opaque look about it, but still retains a fishnet appearance to it.

As a result of this design, the diamond shapes, or holes, tend to be much smaller than those found in the styles already discussed above.

Micro Mesh Bodystocking
Micro Bodystocking Feature

So there we have it. A brief run down of the Bodystocking Net styles we currently have on offer in our store. Hopefully this has been helpful and may even encourage you to try one or more of these sexy styles of bodystocking.