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About Bodystocking Avenue

Why have an online e-commerce site dedicated to bodystockings?

We felt that bodystockings have been inadequately represented on lingerie sites for a long time, and so believed that a site was needed whose main focus was bodystockings. There are so many styles of bodystocking available yet the main lingerie sites tend to be very selective about what they offer. Our aim was to offer as much variety from as many different suppliers as we could.

Go to any of the top ranking sites that are displayed when doing a google search for 'bodystocking' and you will find pages of a similar format. The bodystockings are either categorised by brand, by a general type, such as opaque, or not at all. If you have a particular bodystocking in mind, you generally have to look at all the images, and then you're still unlikely to find exactly what you're looking for because sites tend to only display a small selection of what they consider to be the 'best selling' bodystockings. On most sites, it is unusual to find more than a dozen or so bodystockings.

The aim of Bodystocking Avenue is to supply as much choice as possible. As we stock literally hundreds of different types of bodystocking, we categorise on much more than is usual. As well as categorising on bodystocking type (eg: sheer, opaque), we also allow searches on fitting (eg: halterneck, turtleneck), options (eg: lycra, plus size), brand (eg: Leg Avenue), and colour (eg: Black). We also supply as much information as is available about the bodystockings we display.

You may think our site looks simple and not as flashy as some of our competitors. This is by design. We have sacrificed flashiness for something that is simple to use, understand, and navigate. When making a purchase, customers want to be able to find what they want quickly, and then make a purchase without having to work out how to navigate the site. We have endeavoured to try and limit the number of steps a customer has to take to achieve this.

If you are looking for a particular style of bodystocking, we expect you to find it on our site. If you can't, then we'd like to know about it as we are always looking for new brands and styles to add to the site. And, as we specialise in bodystockings we are able to offer a better price to our customers. We hope that, eventually, anybody looking for a bodystocking will at least consider Bodystocking Avenue as we believe there needs to be an online site that gives people the maximum possible choice and so we hope you become a customer.